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Your Stories: Childhood Joy at Mrs. Stahls

The year 1956. My childhood had very few joys , however the stop before the day at Brighton beach was to buy our lunch at Mrs. Stahls knishes. My mother Sally, her younger sister Rachel, and I would take the train from Bensonhurst , Brooklyn to Brighton beach at least 2x a week in the summer. The ritual order always the same . Aunt Rachel always ordered the ice cold buttermilk . She drank it slowly savoring the taste, while I took in the aroma of fresh hot knishes being baked. I always ordered the kasha knish. This was one highlights of my childhood. Unwrapping that knish on the beach and taking my first bite was all I needed. The top was slightly brown and the sides and bottom soft and doughy. Inside was my treat kasha and browned onions . I waited for the the man with the white safari hat and to come around to buy my drink of orangeade. 
 Looking back now, I realize why I love to bake and cook. It was those moments that filled me with joy and anticipation. To this day whenever there is problem in my life . I head to the kitchen to bake for relief. Mrs. Stahls gave me a moment of contentment back then.

– L.S.