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Your Stories: Litwin’s Knishes

My knish story goes back to when I was a little girl, in the 1950’s and my grandfather Samuel Feldman, and his brother-in-law (my great uncle) Joseph Litwin, had a knish store in Coney Island (I believe). I think it was known as Litwin’s Knishes. On Sundays, my father, already a lawyer, would take us in to make knishes on a production line of sorts. Though there was a retail business at the location, we also sold to other businesses and to many of the people who pushed carts along the boardwalk. The knishes were delicious! Not many knishes today can hold there own against my grandfathers. I laugh as I write because I am forever on a quest for a comparable potato knish.

My husband thinks I am off my rocker, but maybe you understand. At any rate, its fun to share a knish story. with someone who has an appreciation.

– M.R.