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Your Stories: Myer’s Kosher Kitchen in Revere, Massachusetts

My parents Myer & Marion Kaplan and brother, Gary Kaplan for many years operated Myer’s Kosher Kitchen in Revere, MA. While they made many kosher Jewish delicacies, their meat knish ( the only kind they made) was perhaps the single most popular and best selling product.

It took several years to perfect the recipe, first for a flour which would withstand the manufacturing process, then the meat filling with the just right taste and texture , and then for the machinery which would produce a constantly shaped (oblong)product where the dough would not crack during the baking process.

Because they were federally inspected, they were able to ship in the New England area and to sell in super markets. 
As in most small businesses, the product was at first hand made with my mother the main person directing the women who rolled the dough in long sheets, filled it and cut the long roll into the individual knishes.

As the product became very popular, they knew they needed to acquire machinery to mass produce the knishes. She and my brother went to Italy where they found a piece of machinery originally designed to produce ravioli. They were able to get he machine modified to make the knishes and they were then able to supply many thousands of dozens of kosher knishes to satisfy both the greater Boston area and New England. 

Alas, the business closed several years ago and Myer’s knishes are no more. A loss lamented by many for whom Myer’s kosher products were a necessity.